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The Snakes I Keep

I have a collection of photos of all my snakes Here

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The Burmese Python Thinking of buying a Burmese Python?? Please read this
The Burmese is nearly 4 years old and is about 9ft. He is fairly good natured and is very easily handled. He gets to have supervised freedom in the room where he's housed. I have recently built a new vivarium 8ftx3ftx4ft. We've recently moved house and I have plans to convert the garage for my snakes.When its all finished I will be looking for another Burmese but an adult this time. Theres plenty at reptile rescue centres in need of good homes, as people have a habit of not realizing just how large they can grow.

Australian Carpet Python

I am uncertain as to the exact age of this remarkably agile snake, though I suspect it is approximately 3 years old. This is one snake that likes to climb. The vivarium I made is 5ft x 2ft x 2.5ft and this was when he was only 4ft long. This will I hope last for a while as it is (using the rule-of-thumb that gives 1sq ft to every foot of snake as a general guideline). He recently shed and the skin was about 8ft.
This snake is perhaps the most interesting at feeding time as unlike my other snakes it treats every food item as alive and can be quite aggressive if particularly hungry. However 3-5 days after feeding he is quite docile and willing to leave his vivarium to explore. So much so that putting him back can be interesting to say the least.

Corn Snake (Red Rat Snake)  
The first of the trio and by far the easiest to handle. In fact it is the snake I use to introduce wary friends and their children to handling snakes. He is currently in a 3ftx1.5ftx2ft vivarium. He feeds very well on a diet of defrosted small rats and munches his way through a couple every 10 days or so. He is currently 4ft 5inches long and is shedding about every 5 to 6 weeks.