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Updated on 8 May, 2001

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Corn Snakes - Seeing as most people come here looking for information regarding this snake I've included a special section on them. (Well it will be when its written ... I'm writing it now ok .. if you need any specific help regarding Corn snakes either post to the message board or mail me.)

And following on from this my e-mail address is now

Following recent successful visits to a local Primary schools and a Cub Scout group I've decided to make my Snakes Alive Road show available to local schools and youth groups. I will be posting details of forthcoming visits and photos from these visit there too.

The Natural History section provides accounts of the evolution, classification and biology of snakes. (And is being currently being expanded and will shortly include details of snakes by species).

A collection of World Records. Find the longest, the heaviest, the most poisonous, the oldest and many more fascinating facts about snakes.

The "Thinking of buying a snake" link has some useful info on snakes that are not suitable for keeping by novices. The large numbers of pythons finding their way into rescue centers is testament to this fact. I have reproduced the AFH (American Federation of Herpetoculturist's) official guidelines on keeping large snakes.

My Snakes & the Gallery give details of the snakes I currently keep and a collection of photos of various people holding them. There's some new photos of the Pythons eating and some better close-ups of the Burmese.

Feel free to sign my guestbook and leave any comments that you may have on my site there. (Such as "Did you find what you were looking for when you visited my pages?". If not I'll endeavor to include such information on this site.)

Or if you have any questions post them to the message board and if I'm not able to help maybe someone else will. I'm getting approx. 150 to 200+ people a day visiting this site and one of them may just know what it is you want.

I hope you don't mind the lack of graphics/flash etc on this site as I'm trying to put out useful information and am not very adept with the actual design side of things. Also having few or indeed no graphics does actually make browsing this site rather quick.