World Records

November 5, 2000

Because there are so many world records documented in the Guiness Book of Records for snakes I've not listed them in any particular order. And please bear with me as I'm writing them now....




Longest Sea Snake

Longest Venomous

Longest Prehistoric



Shortest Venomous

Heaviest Venomous

Most Venomous Land Snake

Most Venomous Sea Snake

Largest Yield of Venom

Longest Fangs

Champion Milker


Largest Meal


Longest Time between Feeds

Oldest Snake

Fastest Snake

Country with the Most Deaths from Snake Bites

Country with the Highest Incidence of Snakebite

Country with Least Venomous Snakes

Country with Most Venomous Snakes

Most Dangerous

Resistance to Venom

Longest Illness after a Snakebite

Longest Snake Sit-in

Most Threatened